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I really need some critiques and opinions! I'm trying to figure out which one I should enter into a contest and I need to know if anything needs sprucing up.

and every time I read another line,
I fall apart and break this heart of mine.
I still read on and on,
hoping at some point, someone changes the song.
I'm sick of hearing the same tune,
strung out,
played out,
for those that fall in out of love so soon
and all this careless emotion,
thrown out in "I wanna get back together"s,
and then find yourself alone and heartbroken,
under a waning moon.
he never loves her like he loved the first time,
and she's all contrite, believing this relationship sublime
in the end we find ourselves apart again,
with that same spark of hope,
maybe if we had changed what we did back then.
but peter pan has no room for tinkerbell in his land.

You only hate me now, because you loved me once before.
Now I'm just another girl,
stored away and ignored.
I've gone unnoticed, a blocked soul on a waiting list.
You made me realize that all that life is,
is a series of goodbyes, and all these tries
with kindled hearts, brand new starts,
is misanthropy to the highest degree.
When everything about you, is so damn bound and free,
how could I not hate myself?
Just as you put our love life on the shelf
to clutter with dust, with passive trust,
and in the end, seems entirely unjust.
Why should I be the only one in the dark
since I should've left the biggest mark,
but not in hate,
but in a gentle pain,
deep memories in your brain. I think you should explain.
The lesson I teach is that
you're only loved to be future's hate
and wait
you're only hated and despised, through someone else's eyes,
because at one point or another, you've had close ties.

part your hair in the middle,
apply your make up a little,
this has got to be perfect.
what else would you expect?
tonight's the night you stab your best friend in the back
this is war. this is the battle stance.
your best friend won't see it coming,
won't even see your attack.
and with your knife of manipulation,
plunging deep in a heart of frustration,
and with one twist, you've got inspiration,
tonight's the night you stab your best friend in the back.
even when we all caught on to what you do,
we accept the fact that you're untrue,
we accept that you've apologized,
but secretly inside, we're all wishing you choke and die.
you get down on your knees, putting your hands to your eyes,
"please forgive me!" you'll cry,
"let it go, it's just what I know.
I'm the best at infidelity."
or how about the other friend,
who simply just pretends,
we hate to say that you were better,
when your were full of drugs and wore your hippie sweater,
but now that you're honestly clean,
who you really are is starting to be seen.
in the end, these apologies don't matter,
like a rock throwin in a mirror, your sorry is shattered.
tonight's the night you stab your best friend in the back.
i'm waiting for the moment you crack.

he looked at me as if he was trying to choose his words so gaurdedly
and in my head, my unfound words are a medley
one wrong word, one misstep and this face to face could be deadly
while I dream of better things, as if this world holds a better a place
I can't move, won't dare to break this face to face.
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