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Birds need therapy

I just joined,I'm Missy :0)

Back when I was in high school I vividly remember hitting a bird that was standing in the middle of the road, this same thing happened to me again several months ago. Being an animal lover it kinda upset me and I was like why didn't they just fly away??? I started to be more observant and now I see lots of dead birds in the road all the time.

So, the other day when I left work I started driving home, smoked a couple bowls and I finally figured out why so many birds get hit by cars: because birds are suicidal. The way I see it, they have wings and would be completely capable of flying out of the way IF they wanted to, so they must just not want to. So I figure the reason for birds suicidal tendencies may be that when they're learning to fly they probably fall a lot and hit their birdie heads. Severe head trauma has been known to cause depression in people so I bet it would in birds too. Or maybe birds just lead very hard, lonely, sad birdie lives, who knows. . .I haven't ironed out all the details quite yet, but I'm gonna go smoke a bowl and think about it some more ;0)
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