kittycatscyllahoneybabylove (osondrea) wrote in stoned_epiphany,

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Moderator, please...

I cannot possibly post here while the journal name is "best ideas come when your stoned."

"...when YOU'RE stoned," I'm begging. Please.
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*sigh* No need to be petty. There is no harm coming from this.
Your attitude hurts me. I made a polite request, and you're calling me petty. Sure there's no harm coming from it, so therefore, there's no harm in making me feel better by fixing it. I get completely disturbed every time I see that name on my flist, because it is out of place. Call me Aspy or something, but it is -- to me -- compulsorily inhibitive. I've never posted because of it, and there was no harm in asking... except not knowing I might hurt your feelings, apparently.
I agree... it's not a big deal, it's just annoying to look at because it's wrong and it could be fixed so easily.