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great idea

ok you know how we have been in the throws of a urban decay. well i have this idea to help stop urban decay. my idea is this since the arts are always the first thing to go and to come back you would
start a art community. buy one of those big wharehouses or apts. in the basement you would get the rights and zones for a bar/ band stage. this is where you would throw shows. up on the first level you would have a coffe shop open 24/7. then you would just have rooms that you would live in. also on the first level would be a gallery/stage where you could show your work or perform it. now on to step two. you would declare your self a corperation. every member would be a part of the corperation and have equal standing.
once you do that you buy the property and as much as you can around you. from there get small biz to move back and at the same time buy all the old apts. that folk live in and say becasue you own them you need a grant or state money to build new housing for the people in the area. this would give those living there good living conditions. next you would just buy more and more land ever building art houses and small biz. now as you slowly amass money save it by putting into stocks. this is good cuz it allows you to spread to other ciites. in a nutshell use corrperations and privitization for good. cuz as people became a member they would become a member of the corperation which means they would have a say in what happened.
there is my idea for reurbanization.
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