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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009
12:42 pm
Saturday, May 10th, 2008
10:52 pm
 I'm stoned on the computer!
 I just stumbled onto (while, oddly enough, in search of a good movie to watch on Netflix) the most PRETENTIOUS movie rewiewer in the world. Carina Chocano, you should win an award for being the sole effort behind giving movie reviewers and other journalists bad names. After reading her review of  'Mutual Appreciation' (http://www.calendarlive.com/movies/cl-et-mutual8sep08,0,1003606.story), I was eager to read her reviews of 'Juno' and 'Smart People', which turned out to be fulfillingly, exactly what I expected! If you're an aspiring writer/ English nerd/ searching for a topic of conversation at a bike hipsters weed-cookie bake off, please read these three things, they'll make you laugh. As for now, I feel like watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which I don't consider my guilty please, I am a proud fan, because I'm way too pretentious to pay attention to pop culture of any kind except this, and in small dosages at that. If you are hip enough to think I have posed any of my opinions, you probably secretly think/wish you're just hip enough to get along with me. You're probably right.

Sunday, February 24th, 2008
12:25 am
pipes and glasses gone
the time spends all life long
lives blow up and fall
the sun shines on and on
life has just begone
but soon it will be gone
but when thought comes with hands
the mind lives on and on
Saturday, February 2nd, 2008
8:07 pm
Hi, just joined two seconds ago. I always have the most incredible realizations while stoned, but try too hard to hold onto them and generally end up forgetting them by the time I'm sober. Writing them down is not always possible. This flood of words came to me the other day while I was high, though:

yeahCollapse )

input is welcome
Thursday, March 1st, 2007
10:31 pm
I don't know if this will make a whole lot of sense, but I was thinking about something today when I was smoking blunts in my friend's apartment. I realized that I, and maybe others, tend to get these great epiphanies when I'm stoned, but I often feel too stoned and slow to properly relay these grand realizations to anyone else. I started thinking this because I have been hanging out with a boy that I may or may not have some intense, life-changing feelings for, and I was thinking all these really personal thoughts and they just kept coming. I usually have a slight moment of courage in these situations, then quickly realize that both myself and the person I'm about to confess a deep, dark secret to are just too stoned to comprehend it right now.  I don't know if anyone's ever thought about this before, but I did so I thought I'd post something and see what everyone had to say.

Peace, love and GOOD pot,
Kia Kaos

Current Mood: burnt
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
6:35 am
I really need some critiques and opinions! I'm trying to figure out which one I should enter into a contest and I need to know if anything needs sprucing up.

poe-ism oneCollapse )

poe-ism twoCollapse )

poe-ism threeCollapse )

poe-ism fourCollapse )

Current Mood: listless
Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
12:36 pm
I am old abandoned church with broken pews and empty aisles.
it seems I've suddenly made a disconnection
I might be the living dead. because instead of seeing myself
I see no reflection. is this an infection of my mind?
or is this just mental rejection?
I've been hearing around the streets that they're saying "she just needs to be given some direction."
but I know I've seen better days, but it's too long ago to remember.
the fire inside me has died, filled with the ashes that were once embers
which have now turned a shade of grey. sometimes it feels
I'm a thing trapped within a body, trouble keepin my feet on the ground
like I'm walking around, completely head over heels.
I'm stuck inside a body, that looks and walks, talks and behaves like a different version of me.
it isn't me, it isn't me.

Current Mood: melancholy
Monday, March 20th, 2006
5:33 am
we sat on the subway,
a little too drunk off cold, winter night skies and cheap wine
and too unsturdy on feet to walk a straight line
riding the color red, we grab seats facing city lights almost far away
time has flown past midnight, and people were reeling
piling into last train cars, single file
varities of people riding, all the while
the next station to hit has no ceilings, a station overlooking water
a couple gets on the train ignoring the rest of life
and sitting across from us we watched their moves with eyes that slaughter
as we observed body language, we created a story
could that be his wife?
whispering proposed senarios, each of us created a pretend chain of events
they're dating you said, reveling in an after date glory!
no way I replied, they've got briefcases, and sexual tension
they probably work together, just pay attention.
they've flirted in the office, a glance here and there,
an accidental inappropriate touch, and he's fallen for her, dying for a romantic affair.

and while we argued, over what life those two people led,
we never saw them get off the train, disappearing into the winter world instead.
Thursday, March 16th, 2006
12:19 pm
This poem is dedicated to mad New Jersey Pride:

when it comes to origins, I say my point A is
a little bit of dirty sins, and where my story just begins.
I come from the land where the sunsets are more psychedelic,
where the air is unnaturally thick, where all of us are just
this shy of being hick.
Boys don wife beater shirts, and the girls wear mini skirts.
We've got more drugs than a pharmacy, more weirdness than
any other state could be. And, when everyone believes were
nothing more, than a trashy state with jug handles, a parkway,
a state referred to as the US's whore.
In New Jersey, we're more than hardcore.
Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
2:00 pm
I have handwriting like a guy.

I want girly, bubbly handwriting: i's dotted with little hearts.

When I write, I dot my i's with a little penis. (That's the manly thing to do.)
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
7:10 pm
wow, it sure did take me long enough to join this community, because im stoned.
this seems like an amazing community.

about a month ago, i started a journal, where i would never put any dates, just thoughts, when high, when not high, when at work, whenever. just little tidbits, one or two line thoughts about everything and anything. it's amazing to look back 25 pages, (remember i've only had this for a month, and quit writing in it for about three weeks, but just picked it up again.) \

try it.
Thursday, December 8th, 2005
11:25 pm
And after the drought..
So, I quit smoking several months ago. I used to smoke a ton, and unfortunately, I always got paranoid and insane when high. I don't remember the last time I had a pleasant buzz. But anyway, my boyfriend of this past fall/now winter is straight edge, due to the fact that he almost died earlier in the year, so I thought I'd attempt the straight path for awhile. I still drank once or twice since then, but I was done with pot. Or so I thought.

So, Friday I am hanging out with my lovely gay friend Austin and he decides he wants to smoke. I wasn't aware of what a fiasco it would be, just getting the weed, and once we did, it was the nastiest schwag I'd wasted my money on since.. well.. I don't think I've ever smoked anything so nasty, actually. I've smoked better looking cashed bowls in my day than that. But, I only smoked like twice all summer, and then I smoked like 4 hits.. and man, for as shitty as it was, I was blown. I mean, I was gone. My head felt huge, and my mind was in a steady stream of motion sickness, and all I could think was that the cops were everywhere, and all looking for me. I get so insane. I also thought my boyfriend would find out, since I had been telling him that I was sober for good, and obviously couldn't tell him the truth at that point. But mainly, I was scared.

But, in my insanity, I always get the clarity of thought, and I have to say, I really am a genius, if a slightly traumatized pyscho, when stoned. I can figure out almost any philosophical idea, and make them up as well.

I thought of this on Friday, and I've been thinking this ever since.

I am so trapped in a world of beliefs, and all I want is to have ideas. I don't want to commit to anything.. I can't even commit to what I have faith in. I am faithless.. but in saying so, doesn't that mean I have faith in the fact that I am faithless? Am I not free if I label myself as such? I am lost in my own labels. I've been trying to tear my skin off since Friday, just to get at what I really am underneath.

I'm just muscle and bone and calcium deposits. Life is too short to waste thinking about how fucked up my mind is.

And does anyone else have totally irrational thoughts when they smoke? I always worry that my breath smells bad, or my feet are smelly, or that I am talking too loud or too high or too fast. It's like I'm a movie critic when I smoke, and it sickens me how much I can see myself sometimes.

Oh, and if you don't like how you look when you're high, I'd never suggest taking acid while you're stuck in a basement. Especially if you have a sharpie marker, and are tempted to write all over things even when you aren't tryipping on something.


Current Mood: frustrated
Friday, September 9th, 2005
8:18 pm
Birds need therapy
I just joined,I'm Missy :0)

Back when I was in high school I vividly remember hitting a bird that was standing in the middle of the road, this same thing happened to me again several months ago. Being an animal lover it kinda upset me and I was like why didn't they just fly away??? I started to be more observant and now I see lots of dead birds in the road all the time.

So, the other day when I left work I started driving home, smoked a couple bowls and I finally figured out why so many birds get hit by cars: because birds are suicidal. The way I see it, they have wings and would be completely capable of flying out of the way IF they wanted to, so they must just not want to. So I figure the reason for birds suicidal tendencies may be that when they're learning to fly they probably fall a lot and hit their birdie heads. Severe head trauma has been known to cause depression in people so I bet it would in birds too. Or maybe birds just lead very hard, lonely, sad birdie lives, who knows. . .I haven't ironed out all the details quite yet, but I'm gonna go smoke a bowl and think about it some more ;0)

Current Mood: giggly
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
12:28 pm
what about cinnamon graham crackers with chocolate frosting.
my fucking god, its good.
Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
8:40 pm
This is my first time posting...yay!

Maybe it's a coincidence (sp?) but the other day I was smoking a bowl and I discovered this hole is my wall that is just deep enough and wide enough for my pipe. It was cool. I know it's not an idea or anything but I thought it was neat...

Saturday, June 11th, 2005
6:52 pm
Moderator, please...
I cannot possibly post here while the journal name is "best ideas come when your stoned."

"...when YOU'RE stoned," I'm begging. Please.

Current Mood: not stoned enough
Sunday, May 1st, 2005
3:13 am
I know Super Mario Brothers 3 inside and out. I played it a lot as a child and it's one of my favorite games of all time.

The other day while stoned, I decided to play it, and on level 5-8 (i think), I went down a tube that I've never been down before in my life. I had never seen that part of the game before. I guess I just never knew that that tube lead anywhere, so I never thought of going down it, but I just randomly hit down and lead me to a shortcut that made the stage infinitely easier. (It was a hard stage that I always dreaded.) It totally blew my mind.
Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
4:33 pm
The things people say..
Hello fellow deviants.

Oh. Wow. Okay. So I'm a little high still, and my friends just left. To celebrate the weekend, we just smoked a lovely little blunt behind my carriage house, and tried to use the hot tub as a gravity bong. That didn't work out so well. The two liter sort of just.. melted. =/

But anyways. The three of us, me-Jordan-Bruce, were talking about the crusades.. and somehow we decided that we should have our own crusade, so we went to Taco Bell, then walked through a creek. I now have really wet shoes, and a decent buzz. I'm also full of 'tater burritos. If you get them without the meat, and add the shredded cheese.. wow. Those things are heavenly. But I have a point. I'm going to get to it.

Okay. So we're still discussing the crusades whilst in the creek, and we began talking about the war in Iraq almost being a crusade.. it's our country, forcing OUR philosophies down another's throat, and ruthless but "necessary" killing. We are reliving the fucking crusades. Hasn't the world grown at all yet? And to think this is an era of reasoning. An era of science. Why the hell can't people choose to be different? I know that we're supposedly liberalizing the east, spreading our modern idea of democracy upon a sexist, oppressive, traditional country, but where do we draw the line? The whole world is going to become fucking Corporate America. Whoa. Okay. I need another burrito.

Current Mood: frustrated
Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
9:11 pm
Happy April 20th!!!
Cmon, I know some people must have gotten high today, and had some cool ideas!!! Lets hear em!! :)-~

Current Mood: thoughtful
Sunday, January 30th, 2005
8:58 pm
great idea
ok you know how we have been in the throws of a urban decay. well i have this idea to help stop urban decay. my idea is this since the arts are always the first thing to go and to come back you would
start a art community. buy one of those big wharehouses or apts. in the basement you would get the rights and zones for a bar/ band stage. this is where you would throw shows. up on the first level you would have a coffe shop open 24/7. then you would just have rooms that you would live in. also on the first level would be a gallery/stage where you could show your work or perform it. now on to step two. you would declare your self a corperation. every member would be a part of the corperation and have equal standing.
once you do that you buy the property and as much as you can around you. from there get small biz to move back and at the same time buy all the old apts. that folk live in and say becasue you own them you need a grant or state money to build new housing for the people in the area. this would give those living there good living conditions. next you would just buy more and more land ever building art houses and small biz. now as you slowly amass money save it by putting into stocks. this is good cuz it allows you to spread to other ciites. in a nutshell use corrperations and privitization for good. cuz as people became a member they would become a member of the corperation which means they would have a say in what happened.
there is my idea for reurbanization.

Current Mood: jubilant
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